luvion couture

Welcome to Luvión Couture designed and visioned by Helly Luv. Luxurious Fashion House where the beauty of art, fashion, imagination, and dreams come true from hand-painted illustrations to transforming them into timeless pieces of art.
I’ve been drawing and designing princess dresses as a little girl since I can remember holding a pen. Growing up as a young refugee girl wearing recycled clothes from the UN because my parents couldn’t afford it. It’s been a long journey since COVID-19 hit as a young entrepreneur. As a result, I took a hit to and had to begin working smarter, harder, longer days, and nights. My first collection “ Guardian Angel” is inspired by angels, feathers, and pastel colors. I’ve given my heart and soul to Luvión Couture and the vision I have for Luvión Couture is far deeper than I can express right now, this is only the beginning. I hope I can inspire you by following my journey to build a Fashion House and handmade Couture Dresses in a war-torn country, The challenges I must take to build opportunities for future young designers. Thank you to my amazing team for their patience and hard work. My loyal Luv army who has been behind me since the beginning and lastly to the little girl who never stopped dreaming and painting.